Welcome One and All

You have reached the writings of Al Hilton. All of these writings started with a daydream and have morphed to over 1500 pages of stories and notes.

If you’re looking for a quick read, you might as well move on. In my writings, I get into character building, dialogs, and plot twists, before the fucking even begins.

Originally, I planned for seven stories, but once the first story was written, The Double D, it generated a few more stories. Now I’ve working on dozens of first drafts, with a few getting close to be posted. As an experiment, I will try posting some of my drafts in hopes that reader feedback will spur me on to complete the stories.

There are three main story lines: The Double D, Mates, and WSA 2000. See more details on their main page. The Other are stories that are complete in a single posting. BIO is some information about me. Finally, is what I need from you, Feedback. Could you please, please, please provide feedback to help me improve the story and my future writings. Comments are always read and welcome. A reader of “The Viagra Bounce” commented, “read like a catalog”. Hell, it did! It has been reworked. So please check back and do some more reading later.